Cheyenne :: Senior Portait Photography // Byron, Mi

January 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Cheyenne ::  Senior Portraits // Byron, MI

On this dark January winter day, I had to post something a little warmer and summer like. Chey's smile will brighten any day.

Cheyenne is beautiful and spirited, and pretty tough too. Walking through fields of hungry mosquitoes, I drenched myself with 'squita spray - but not Chey, she was wearing high heels, laughing and having fun!  Finally, out of the fields and back at her home, we had a blast bringing furniture out of the house into the yard, and back again, without Mom finding out - well until now. The best part was when we were taking pictures at the piano - I got to enjoy hearing her play her own compositions. Did I mention she is talented and beautiful?

Thanks Chey!




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