Lexi :: Waterford Mott Softball // Waterford, Mi

May 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Lexi ::  Waterford Mott Softball // Waterford, Mi

I couldn't resist an afternoon at a high school softball field. Brings back awesome memories playing for Clarkston High 'back in the day'  oops -sorry- this is about Lexi. Lexi is as spirited as they come - she has definitely got game, and as tough as they come. Playing second base had her busy all afternoon - dang girl...grounders, line drives, double plays, base runners stealing, whew I got tired just watching. Oh, and that just got her fired up - you should see her swing a bat! Oh yeah...you will in the pictures that follow.  

To see the rest of the team and game pictures, click on this link:   http://www.karenkishphotography.com/lexi_waterford_mott_softball_pictures

I can't wait to see when the travel league starts! you know I will be there!

Great job Lexi!




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