David & Michelle // Packard Proving Grounds Wedding Photography

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David & Michelle: Married 4.1.2017 at Packard Proving Grounds

Shelly was on time. : )

So full of life and a ton of laughter! David sure got his game on for his April Fools Day wedding. I do? ...uhhh....wellll... the silence went on and on and on....But he made up for it with his ring...biggest 'rock' EVER. The emotions were all over the place. When Dad gave the bride to the groom, he was a little misty eyed, and Mom was all thumbs up with a big smile.  

David and Michelle put on the 'Best Ever' party afterwards. The Stereo Kings absolutely rocked the house, food was so dang yummy, and friends and family had decorated the place all natural and fun, just like Shelly and Dave. Sooo if you ever get to hang around these two, prepare your cheeks(no not butt cheeks) your face will be hurtin' from a ton of laughter. 

Congrats you two!  










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